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    Kroes Art

    Every time Dutch artist Anna-Marie Kroes captures a human being or landscape on canvas, the outcome amazes the viewer, but most of all, herself.

    "Thank God I can paint and draw, it saved me and makes my heart beat faster" she says.

    I always have adored creatures of nature, and after many years of wondering and painting,

    3 years ago, I met my new life and made a nest in a little town near Utrecht (NL) enjoying catching this time in which we live.


    I love life in general. But whenever I try to capture what gives me butterflies, there is a part of me that takes over and guides me through a haunting world where there's no difference between life and death. In a sense it's the most positive place where one can be." It is this side of the internationally acclaimed artist that makes her work totally unique and sought after.

  • Showroom

    Alle mogelijkheden van reproducties van

    "De Dom", "de verpleegster" en de allernieuwste; "de gelukkige Domtoren"

    Te bezichtigen in mijn atelier in Montfoort
    op afspraak. 06-22941122
  • Kroes-Art possibilities

    mozaïek Seahorses

    Unique Little Friends
    Friendly little creatures, seahorses make people happy.
    Little paintings of top quality acrylic and oil paint on 3D canvas.
    10 by 10 and 4 cm deep.
    Perfect gift for any occasion.

    Nice to collect.
    Lovely grouped together. 
    Affordably priced for everyone.



    105 Seahorses until now have been created and the ones who have not found an owner/collection are now brightening up the visitors of the beach of Wassenaar.

    Angelina and Sterre


    portrait Angelina with dog Sterre

    Commissioned portraits

    It's possible to make commissioned portraits. 

    Of adults, children, and animals. As long as you love them and want to remember a moment in time.

    In color pencil, paint, and ink.



    Mural for Rumba Cafe Bonaire

    Commissioned big paintings

    I make in commission big paintings for on your wall. Let's stop with the prints of Buddha on every wall. Show your personal style.

  • Kroes Art

  • You can ask me anything

    If you want information about paintings or drawings, or a commission,

    please leave your name, email, phone number and question in the next place